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Silver Engraving


Hand engraving Silver

For presentation, sporting, commemorative or heraldic purposes hand engraving silver articles is the most enriching method of decoration. Silver lends itself beautifully to being hand engraved using a graver (chisel), so that even the most complex artwork such as the layout of inscriptions, designing ciphers, monograms or heraldic designs will sparkle as the light reflects off the many angled facets created by the engraver’s cuts.


Silver, gold, platinum, soft brass, copper silver-plate and pewter are all suitable for hand engraving. Steel, titanium, most modern silver-plated items and anything with a pre-lacquered surface are not.


Machine engraving Silver

A machine can also be used to engrave sterling silver and is a faster and more cost effective option, especially if large quantities of items are being engraved.


This form of silver engraving allows for any artwork and font to be replicated, from simple child's handwriting to the most complex badges, logos and decorative motifs, either as an outline or by using infill-shading techniques for more dramatic results.


It is use of the traditional pantograph machines - as well as the latest in computer aided design (CAD) engraving - combined with the expertise of a hand engraver, that creates perfectly proportioned inscriptions and finely tuned artwork to achieve optimum results, from the smallest pieces of silver to the largest silver trophies. 


A high degree of skill is required to operate the manual pantograph machine and the quality of silver engraving is exceptional. The tungsten carbide cutters remove the silver giving greater depth, and diamond tipped cutters displace the silver giving the cut sparkle and clarity, which are the hallmarks of diamond engraving.


Silver Engraving - Font Choices

There are more than 1500 font styles available in English for engraving onto silver pieces, the most common font groups being Block, Roman, Script & Old English. But if the client provides instructions, we engrave in any alphabet. 


Silver Engraving - Logo Origination

Langfords apply a one-off set-up fee to cover the cost of converting a logo graphic into a format suitable for engraving onto silver pieces. The fee is only paid once per logo so if you are ordering multiples of one product or you are making a repeat or subsequent order you do not need to pay the set-up fee again. We will hold that logo or graphic on file for any future orders.


Artwork Considerations

Whatever your silver engraving wishes are:


- Artwork should be ideally black & white, outline or blackout.

- Artwork does not need to be to scale.

- Almost any kind of digital file can be provided as artwork – for instance jpeg, tif, eps, gif, png and bmp. They should be less than 3MB (3000 KB) each.

- Artwork can be generated from colour or black & white photographs of any subject matter.

- Working from colour, greyscale or poor quality images involves redrawing to produce accurate artwork and this will increase the cost.