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Silver Anniversary Gifts



For hundreds of years silver has symbolised the milestone of 25 years, whether that is 25 years of happy marriage, 25 years of employment, 25 years in business or 25 years of association. At Langfords, you’ll soon find a silver article perfect for giving as a silver anniversary gift.


The silver wedding tradition originated in medieval times. If a married couple lived to celebrate 25 years of marriage, the wife’s friends presented her with a silver wreath, to congratulate the couple on a long life and harmonious relationship. On celebration of the fiftieth anniversary the wife received a wreath of gold.


That tradition carries on today and Langfords has a wide selection of fine silver wedding gifts to help a couple celebrate.


Browse our catalogue of silver pieces to help you or your company mark or celebrate a silver anniversary. We also provide a silverware engraving service, and we’d be happy to personalise your chosen silver anniversary gift.


The most personal gift of all is a specially commissioned piece that is entirely unique. Just bring us your silver anniversary gift ideas and we can bring them to life for you.


Of course, Langfords is not limited to silver articles. So if you have the luck to be commemorating 40, 50 or even 60 year anniversaries, we would be happy to help you choose a fine memento to mark those occasions too.