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Hand forged Old English silver cutlery - front Hover over the image to Zoom

Hand forged Old English silver cutlery service

Year: 1842-1847
Place: London
Product ID LB1-29
Weight 2880g (93 troy ozs)

A one maker Victorian hand forged sterling silver cutlery set for 12 people. All pieces were made by George Adams one of the most skilled makers of Victorian cutlery.

Old English pattern with its simple clean lines, showing a single ‘thumb-nail’ to the reverse of the bowl and the ‘pip’ on the front of the forks and the back of the spoons, is the definitive British flatware pattern. Originally developed in the 1750’s, when the upturned ends of Hanoverian pieces were changed to turn down, the new Old English style began. It became the most commonly produced pattern from 1770 to 1800. During the late 18th century variations evolved such as the Old English Bead and the Old English Thread patterns but these gave way to ever more opulent and decorated patterns during the 19th century.  At the close of the 19th century Old English was revived and made popular again by a public who had become tired of some of the over-exuberant designs of the Victorian era. It has remained the favoured pattern right through to the present day.  This service comprises:


12 table forks

12 dessert forks

12 tablespoons

12 dessert spoons

12 teaspoons


Since antique knives rarely survive, this set is completed with 12 pairs of new silver table and dessert knives with stainless steel blades and dishwasher safe.

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