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Hand forged Old English silver cutlery

Year: 1904
Place: London
Product ID SC364-8
Weight 3948g
This Edwardian set of cutlery for 12 people was all made by premier silversmiths George Jackson & David Fullerton in 1904 with the exception of two pieces made in 1903. The set is in exceptionally good condition and suitable for daily use. Old English is the classic and definitive flatware pattern that was first produced in the middle of the 18th century and continues to this day. Sets made at the end of the Victorian era and through to the end of the First World War represent the zenith of quality in both workmanship and gauge of silver used in the making, and partners Jackson & Fullerton produced some of the finest quality silver flatware of the period in most of the traditional patterns. 12 table forks 12 dessert forks (1 x 1903) 12 tablespoons 12 dessert spoons 12 teaspoons (1 x 1903) 1 soup ladle 1 basting spoon 2 gravy ladles Since antique knives rarely survive, this set is completed with pairs of new silver table and dessert knives with stainless steel blades, all dishwasher safe. In this case we have chosen Old English Spire pattern knives to accompany this set.

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