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Life-size limited edition silver grouse Hover over the image to Zoom

Life-size limited edition silver grouse

Year: 2016
Place: Birmingham
Product ID MISC137-84
Weight 7650g (246 troy ozs)
Height 560mm (22")
Length 390mm (15½”)

The grouse is cast in sterling silver using the centuries-old technique of ‘lost wax’ casting. It is first modelled in clay and to be successful it requires a different surface texture to bronze. A rubber mould is taken from the clay and waxes created. The waxes are then carefully hand chased to ensure the delicacy and fine detail is evident in the final sculpture before the wax is remoulded with rubber and the lost wax process is used to produce the lifelike effect seen in the finished model. Limited edition 1 of 9


David says: I have watched and studied grouse for many years. They are the jet fighters of the avian population and the challenge of capturing their speed and acrobatic ability was what inspired me to create this sculpture. I have used a combination of drawing from life and some photography to capture the fleeting movement however, the majority of my ideas have come from my own visual experiences of these birds in the wild and studying, first hand, the bone structure, the feather formations and the pattern that these feathers create on the surface of their bodies.


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