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Our Role in the Birth of The London Silver Vaults

The story of The London Silver Vaults really began in 1886 when The Chancery Lane Safe Deposit Company first opened its doors to a labyrinth of subterranean vaults in the centre of London. The building was protected by guards armed with cudgels, cutlasses and shotguns. The strong rooms were used by the local wealthy upper classes and rich merchants to store their valuables as their owners travelled between their town houses and country estates and when going on The European Grand Tour.


It was Joel and Adam Langford’s grandparents, May and Lou Langford, who revived The Vaults during the Second World War by renting a vault at The Chancery Lane Safe Deposit Company. They invited American officers and members of the diplomatic service – the only people with money to spend at this time - down to their vault to buy silver.  These were the first retail customers and as word spread and other dealers followed suit, May & Lou had co-founded the “The London Silver Vaults”.  Today, The Vaults are still protected round the clock but the guards have relinquished their cutlasses and shotguns!


The London Silver Vaults is a “must” for well-heeled travellers to London. Britain has been the pre-eminent manufacturer of silverware for more than 300 years with the oldest quality control standards in the world, so customers are secure in the knowledge that they are buying some of the world’s finest silver from the widest possible selection and at very competitive prices.

There are more than 30 underground shops selling every imaginable article in silver. Although most of the silver pieces are antique and British, customers will find silver from every corner of the world as well as a selection of new silver.  And if a visitor doesn’t see what he or she wants, it can always be made!