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Tiffany & Co (Est 1837)


The firm was founded in New York City when Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837 opened a small fancy goods store with John B Young under the name Tiffany & Young.  Soon their emporium became a destination for socialites, magnates and heads of state.  It was when Tiffany bought one of the largest diamonds in the world his shop became renowned as America’s source for all things fine.  And when he bought France’s crown jewels, the American press nicknamed him “The King of Diamonds”.

In 1851 John C Moore & Son entered into a special business relationship with Tiffany and in 1868 his silverware factory became part of organisation.  Throughout the remaining years of the 19th century, Tiffany built a rich heritage filled with celebrated artists and won wide acclaim for its designs.  Tiffany’s silver design heyday was in the early part of the 20th century when it emerged as an Art Nouveau and Deco leader.

Tiffany & Co moved to its current location on New York 5th Avenue in 1940.  The new building was immensely beautiful and was designed in the Art Deco style.  Above the door is a statue of Atlas bearing the weight of the world and instead of a globe being held above his head, he holds a clock.  The architects of the building wanted to create an ominous effect that reminded Tiffany & Co’s visitors of the rarity and preciousness of the treasures carried by the store.  For that reason, all of the building’s doors were made to look like the doors of industrial bank vaults.

Today, Tiffany & Co remains a popular maker of jewellery, china, crystal, silver, and glassware.