Set of one-maker hand-forged Rattail silver cutlery for 12

Set of one-maker hand-forged Rattail silver cutlery for 12

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Set of hand-forged set of silver Rattail pattern cutlery with four-prong forks and made in London by C J Vander for Asprey & Co.

This set of silver cutlery comprises:

12 table forks (2 x Goldsmiths & Silversmiths)
12 dessert forks
12 round bowl soup spoons
12 dessert spoons
12 teaspoons
12 table knives
12 dessert knives (1 x Sheffield)

Since antique knives rarely survive, we have completed this set with 18 pairs of modern table and dessert knives with stainless steel blades making them suitable for the dishwasher.

The correct name for this pattern is in fact Hanoverian with Rat Tail but is commonly referred to as Rattail. Hanoverian pattern can be said to be the most important flatware pattern of the 18th century, appearing first in about 1710 and produced into the 1770s. It was subsequently revived in the late 19th century and is still made today in a number of variations but always with the distinctive rat tail on the back of the spoons and forks. The feature developed in an age when craftsmen made spoons in two pieces joining the bowl and handle together by means of soldering using a tapered tail as additional strength to the joint. In addition, most silversmiths craft a prominent rib down the front of the handle.


Weight 3216 g (103.40 troy ozs)