Rare Indian perfume/cosmetic flask

Rare Indian perfume/cosmetic flask

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Rare Lucknow, double-ended, silver-gilt perfume and powder travelling flask delicately engraved with coriander leaves and flowers - a particular motif of Lucknow silverware - and still showing some of the original gilding from the 1860s.

Both ends of the octagonal flask unscrew, with one end fitted with a removable silver stopper. Each end is chased in with gothic style entwined initials of the original owner. The body and covers are delicately hand-chased.

This piece was made for the English market and therefore takes some of the design cues from similar shaped flasks being made in England at that time, but also incorporating the local style and designs of Lucknow silversmiths, in this case the coriander flowers and leaves.

Indian colonial silver refers to pieces produced in India for a European clientele from 1790 - when the East India Company began trading in Calcutta - until 1947 when India gained independence from the British Raj.


Width 135 mm / 5 "
Diameter 30 mm / 1 "
Weight 118 g (3.79 troy ozs)



Lucknow, India


Indian colonial