Flared lip silver beaker

Flared lip silver beaker


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This is our beautifully made, heavy-gauge silver beaker or Mint Julep cup with gilded (gold plated) interior. In a timeless design, the beaker is easily personalised with engraving of your choice and so could make a superb christening or coming of age gift.

One drink for which sterling silver still rules is the mint julep. A mint julep is a refreshing, bourbon-based concoction that's popular in the American south, especially at the Kentucky Derby where it's the official drink. Julep beakers are tall and generally cylindrical, and the metal keeps the drink cool in the hot southern sun. But an event like the Kentucky Derby is all about ceremony, which is why a lot of attention is paid to the engraved or embossed initials, family crests, or another sorts of monograms on Derby-day beakers.


Height 90 mm / 3 12"
Diameter 75 mm / 3 14"
Weight 215 g (6.91 troy ozs)