London Irish Rifles commemorative model

London Irish Rifles commemorative model

In 2017 the London Irish Rifles was amalgamated with other regiments to form The London Regiment. The London Irish officers and men wanted to commemorate their history as a distinct regiment and commissioned this model of a non-rank-specific soldier in modern battle dress and kit as used in Afghanistan. It was important that the figure wore a caubeen (cap) rather than helmet (which is attached to his belt) because it is the only regiment in the British Army that wears the cap badge to the right and this needed to be represented.

We were eager to make the most imposing piece possible.  Working from photographs of a soldier from various angles, we created a 3-D printed model from which wax renders were produced.  Following regimental approval, silver castings were made to create a 12" statuette.

Employing traditional silversmithing skills, his equipment and other fine detail were all handmade to give a lifelike and incredibly detailed finished article. He was mounted on a wooden plinth, painted black in the traditional manner, featuring four silver plaques: a hand-engraved inscription to commemorate the presentation; hand-engraved regimental cap badge and battle honours; and two reliefs of soldiers at the First World War Battle of Loos, one of which represents the famous Christmas Day football match between the two sides.

This is an example of a bespoke commission.  Please get in touch to discuss your own ideas; we can make anything.