Antique silver-plated basket

Antique silver-plated basket

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Fine quality., handmade oval basket with woven basket-weave sides, rope pattern borders and plaited openwork swing handle. The handle has a central oval shield engraved "14th March 1861" and entwined script initials.

Given the intricate basket weave, the basket has been lacquered to eliminate the need for polishing.

Elkington is one of the most important names in English silver and certainly the most important in silver plate. Established by George Richards Elkington in 1836, and joined by other Elkington family, the firm revolutionised the silver industry when George Richards Elkington discovered, perfected and patented an electroplating technique to deposit a layer of silver and fuse it onto the surface of a base metal. It was extremely successful and gave birth to a large new market of silver-plated tableware. The firm employed some of the best British and European designers of the day and produced decorative silver in a wide variety of styles.


Height 190 mm / 7 "
Width 255 mm / 10 "
Depth 195 mm / 8"