Cased silver bachelor tea set

Cased silver bachelor tea set


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Elegant Victorian can-shaped three-piece tea set and sugar tongs in its original presentation case. The teapot has a flush hinge cover with detachable finial. All pieces are hand-engraved and have bead pattern borders. The teapot handle is insulated and the interiors of the cream jug and sugar bowl are gilded. This is a very well made set and well above average in both design quality of construction and condition.

The bachelor tea set is a charming set of silverware, being simply a smaller version of a full-size tea set, and intended for one person. Occasionally mistaken as part of a child's tea service, they are deliberately petite and were created long before the advent of the tea bag!


Height 100 mm / 3 2932"
Depth 215 mm / 8 34"
Weight 674 g (21.67 troy ozs)