Crystal & silver wine or Champagne cooler

Crystal & silver wine or Champagne cooler

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Beautiful and rare antique crystal and silver-mounted wine cooler of campana form. The crystal body is cut to resemble rock crystal and is decorated with scrolling tendrils of foliage and floral-work. The cast solid silver mounts have been intricately hand pierced and hand chased in fine detail, work that is almost impossible to recreate today.

And here's a tip:
Don't just fill the wine cooler with ice cubes to chill your favourite wines or Champagne. Fill with ice, then halfway up with water, before dropping in the bottle or bottles. If there's room for more water, add it. Adding water creates an icy bath that's in contact with the entire surface of the bottle.

This champagne cooler is not available for purchase online. Please get in touch if you would like to buy this piece.


Height 280 mm / 11 "
Diameter 270 mm / 10 "