Large silver gilt carriage clock

Large silver gilt carriage clock

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The popularity of silver silver carriage clocks has revived in recent years because they are considered a charming combination of art and engineering. This is a fine example; a large, antique, silver-gilt, cased carriage clock fitted with an eight-day movement. The case is delicately engine-turned engraved with a lattice pattern, while the enamel dial is in perfect condition, as is the case and movement. This lovely timepiece rests on four 'bun' supports.

Silver-gilt, sometimes known in American English by the French term vermeil, is silver (either pure or sterling) which has been gilded with gold.

The first carriage clock was invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet for the Emperor Napoleon in the early 19th century. A carriage clock is a small, spring-driven clock, designed for travelling, developed in the early 19th century in France, where they were also known as "officers' clocks", travelling with the officers on campaigns. Eight days refers to the clock only needing to be wound once a week.


Height 140 mm / 5 "
Depth 90 mm / 3 "