Victorian silver-gilt & tiger's eye vanity set

Victorian silver-gilt & tiger's eye vanity set

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A truly unique 19-piece Victorian silver-gilt (gold plated on solid silver) vanity set with inset cabochon tiger's eye gemstones and where each hand-embossed piece is of superb quality in both weight and workmanship.

This magnificent antique vanity set comprises a mirror, six assorted perfume bottles and toilet jars, three pin trays, two hair brushes, one hat brush and one clothes brush. The mirror (measurements given) is mounted on a pale green velvet frame, backed with leather and set on an easel for standing upright and fitted with a chain for alternative wall hanging. All pieces were made by John Septimus Beresford between 1885 and 1887.

In addition, there is a silver gilt sewing box made by Morris Jonas in London in 1879 and which should contain three sewing implements but two are missing.

The complete dresser set fits into a velvet-lined wooden travelling case.

The evolution of the vanity set began with a box and Ancient Egyptian examples have survived almost 4,000 years. Throughout history ornate boxes have been crafted to store a variety of beautifying paraphernalia, including jars for cosmetics, flasks for rare perfumes and exotics oils, implements for applying makeup, and mirrors. This box for the particular vanity set was probably specifically for storing the silver set for travelling.


Height 600 mm / 23 34"
Width 510 mm / 20 14"