Art Nouveau silver photo frame

Art Nouveau silver photo frame

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Late Victorian silver photograph frame in the emerging Art Nouveau style. In true Art Nouveau fashion, this silver photo frame features stylised swirling flowers and tendrils with a charming cherub featured centrally at the top of the frame. The portrait oriented aperture will take a 4½" x 3½" (120mm x 95mm) photograph.

The Art Nouveau movement flourished in Europe from the 1880s until the end of World War One during a period of rapid social and technological change in Europe as industrialisation, mass production and urbanisation accelerated. It was characterised by distinctive organic forms, flowing lines, stylised floral ornaments and use of symbolic figures, and the natural world was a central inspiration to bring nature back to modern life. Crustaceans and dragonflies, orchids and irises, poppies and tulips were recurring motifs.

Art Nouveau style argued against discrimination between fine art and the so-called lesser, decorative arts, and the boundaries between fine art and the applied arts became blurred in the fields of silverware, architecture and glassware, furniture design, among others. Artists sought to integrate art with the everyday, producing beautiful objects to elevate people's lives and aesthetic values were combined with high standards of craftsmanship in the ambition to ensure works of art could be both beautiful and functional.


Height 220 mm / 8 "
Width 195 mm / 8"
Depth 195 mm / 8"