Pair of Empire-style silver photo frames

Pair of Empire-style silver photo frames


Pair of Edwardian embossed silver photo frames in the Empire style, with green leather backs. The portrait apertures will hold photographs that are 195mm x 135mm (8" x 5½").

The Empire style emerged from an early-nineteenth-century design movement that represented the second phase of Neoclassicism flourishing between 1800 and 1815.

The Empire style reflected the florid opulence of Imperial Rome, Corinthian richness and splendour, plus Egyptian grandeur. It assumed the shapes of Roman, Greek and Egyptian motifs, including winged-lions, sphinxes, busts, or palm leaves. These symbolic totems symbolised Napoleon's reign: winged victory and the laurel wreath used as decorative symbols of triumph; bees, sheaves of grain, and cornucopias for prosperity; and fasces and sphinxes for conquest.

Although the Empire style began in Paris, it quickly spread throughout Europe and brought a full return to ostentatious richness which corresponded to the Federal style in the US and the Regency style in Britain.


Height 305 mm / 12 "
Width 200 mm / 8"