Charles II style antique Britannia silver vase

Charles II style antique Britannia silver vase


In a faithful recreation of vases made during the reign of King Charles II, here is a most impressive large, antique Britannia standard (95.8%) silver vase. The tapering body is profusely hand chased in high relief and features finely detailed acanthus leaves, masks, garlands, swags, fruit and ribbons.

The Britannia silver standard (95.84% fine silver) was introduced in 1697 by King William III to replace sterling silver (92.5% fine silver) as the obligatory standard for items of silverware. Britannia standard silver was introduced as part of his great recoinage scheme when attempts were made to limit the clipping and melting of sterling silver coinage to make other silver goods. Introducing a higher standard for silverware meant that sterling silver coins could not easily be used as a source of raw material without adding more silver. The sterling silver standard was restored in 1720, but the Britannia standard was not abolished and has remained in use as a voluntary alternative option to sterling standard for hallmarking in the UK and Ireland.

Britannia silver should be distinguished from Britannia metal, a pewter-like alloy containing no silver.


Height 400 mm / 15 "
Width 155 mm / 6 "
Weight 1866 g (59.99 troy ozs)