Decorative antique silver bowl

Decorative antique silver bowl

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Antique cast silver and glass bowl or centrepiece from the Edwardian era. The sterling silver frame is of cast, openwork construction and mounted on hoof supports. There is a band of serpentine decoration under the rim, and a profusion of rose garlands held up in swags by cherubim at each corner and draping down the glass. A plain round cartouche is on one side of the bowl and the opposite features an assortment of cast silver musical instruments.

The plain glass bowl slips into the frame and has a starburst cut into the base making this piece perfect for serving fruit or berries, or to display flowers.


Height 140 mm / 5 "
Width 180 mm / 7 "
Depth 180 mm / 7 "
Weight 705 g (22.67 troy ozs)