Chinese silver napkin ring

Chinese silver napkin ring


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A nice quality Chinese pierced silver napkin ring featuring a swirling dragon around the circumference. A plain round cartouche bears a hand-engraved letter B.

Chinese export silver was produced in China from the mid-18th to mid-20th century for a largely Western audience. With Western-inspired forms new, highly desirable works of Chinese export silver were created, with a mix of Western forms and Eastern iconography.

During the mid-China Trade period (1840-1880), silversmiths began adding Chinese decorative motifs such as bamboo, dragons or warriors onto typically Western forms. Cranes and dragons are extremely popular motifs.  For many thousands of years dragons have symbolised wisdom, harmony and prosperity in China, and in ancient Chinese culture, they represent imperial power.


Height 35 mm / 1 34"
Diameter 45 mm / 2 14"
Weight 22 g (0.71 troy ozs)