10½" decorative antique silver salver

10½" decorative antique silver salver

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An exceptionally pretty antique silver salver resting on three legs. The flared and scalloped border is in a pierced lattice pattern that is surrounded by an outer bead pattern border and beautiful cast and applied floral garlands. The centre of the salver is delicately engraved with scrolling leaf and flower designs making this a decorative piece as well as being practical.

The word salver was a term used in England from the mid-seventeenth century to denote a flat serving tray without handles, usually made of silver. Like this one, some salver designs feature supporting feet - usually three or four.

The word derives from the Latin salvare meaning to save. Originally, food or drink intended for royalty would be initially tasted by a servant for signs of poison before it reached the royal top table. By being served on the salver indicated that this process had taken place and the food and drink was now fit for a king


Height 29 mm / 1 "
Diameter 268 mm / 10 "
Weight 532 g (17.10 troy ozs)