Classic silver wine funnel & filter

Classic silver wine funnel & filter

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Based on an 18th century design, this is a classically styled silver wine funnel with a pierced filter to remove sediment. The curved spout allows the wine or port to be poured down the side of the decanter to avoid bruising the wine and maintain its clarity.

First appearing at the end of the 17th century, silver wine funnels were designed to decant wine from the bottle to a decanter for the table. The bowl was pierced with holes for catching larger pieces of detritus such as cork, while a retaining ring kept a piece of muslin straining cloth in place which filtered out finer sediment and prevented spoiling the wine in the decanter.

In the 18th century the spigot was crafted with a curved tip to ensure the wine ran gently down the wall of the decanter and, particularly for very fine or old wines, prevent bruising the wine.


Height 124 mm / 4 34"
Diameter 82 mm / 3 14"
Weight 111 g (3.57 troy ozs)