Silver wine taster

Silver wine taster

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Simple, heavy-quality silver wine taster with bird head handle.

Tastevins are shallow, often dimpled, silver or silver-plated saucers with a thumb-handle used for tasting (mostly) red wines.

With origins in 14th century Burgundy, and the ceremonial symbol of the region, these flat-bottomed shallow cups, allowed the taster to judge the maturity, quality, clarity, appearance, taste and colour of a red wine when it was poured in a shallow layer over the brightly reflecting silver. Of course, silver is the perfect material to make tastevins; strong enough to withstand the rigours of daily use and silver will not taint the wine in any way.

Often worn on a ribbon around the neck and considered an essential tool rather than an objet d'art in 15th or 16th century Burgundy, it was frequently given as a christening present to be kept in a pocket at all times.


Diameter 80 mm / 3 14"
Weight 118 g