Battle of Trafalgar chess set

Battle of Trafalgar chess set

This is an example of a private commission.  Please get in touch to discuss your own ideas; we can make anything.

This fine chess set was created in collaboration with Diarmuid Byron-O'Connor whose most prominent sculpture is that of Peter Pan standing outside Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

The theme is the Battle of Waterloo. The chess pieces are represented by the English on one side, led by Lord Admiral Nelson, and cast in silver. The French on the other side, led by Villeneuve, the naval officer in charge of the French fleet, are cast in silver and then gilded. Each piece is individually sculpted with excellent detail showing their individual uniforms. The other 'characters' in the set are also beautifully crafted.

The squares of the chess board are made from certified oak and mahogany taken from the original HMS Victory - on which Nelson served - when the ship was refitted in 1905. The copper corners on the board are also authentic and are from the copper plating on the original ship's hull.