Silver model of Stephenson's Rocket

Silver model of Stephenson's Rocket

An accurate and beautifully made recreation in silver of Stephenson's Rocket - the early steam locomotive designed and built in by Robert Stephenson in 1829 in Newcastle. Although it was not the first steam locomotive, it was the first to bring together several innovations to produce the most advanced locomotive of its day and became the template for most steam engines in the following 150 years.

This model employed all the silversmith's talents and many weeks to produce such a fine silver model locomotive. Every detail of this unique model has been captured and the various modelling and silversmithing skills that go into making such a fine piece have been incorporated into the construction. Many of the parts are first fashioned in wax, and moulds made from which castings are produced, filed, hand chased and eventually assembled. Sheet silver is shaped into various forms and the engraver will pick out the detail of parts, adding realism and authenticity to the final piece. A final polish completes this excellent and unique silver commission.

The dimensions shown are for the model itself and do not include the wooden base or tracks.

This is an example of a bespoke commission. Get in touch to discuss your own ideas; we make anything in silver.


Height 175 mm / 7 "
Width 250 mm / 10"
Depth 76 mm / 3 14"
Weight 1057 g (33.98 troy ozs)