Two antique silver knight figures

Two antique silver knight figures

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Two fine quality silver figures in the form of medieval knights in armour. Both have finely detailed carved ivory faces as was typical of models made during the end of the 19th century. These silver figures are intricately detailed in every way and each rests on a cast panelled openwork base decorated with scrolling foliage. Both shields are decorated with panels of fleur-de-lys and rampant lions.

Although made in Germany, each antique silver knight bears British import marks. The right hand one bears import hallmarks for Berthold Müller, Chester 1904. The other silver knight was made to match it and features import hallmarks for London 1929.

Note: Under the rules of the UK government's Ivory Act 2018, this silver tea set qualifies for an ivory exemption certificate.


Height 270 mm / 10 "
Width 73 mm / 3"
Depth 73 mm / 3"
Weight 940 g (30.22 troy ozs)

1904 and 1929