Extra large Buccellati silver Arum leaf dish

Extra large Buccellati silver Arum leaf dish


Modern Buccellati silver dish hand crafted by the silversmith in the shape of an arum leaf with a beautifully embossed and stippled surface picking out the veins and features of a real leaf. This Italian silver dish is perfect for serving fruit and, on its own, makes a beautiful decorative statement

Founded in Milan in 1919, Buccellati is noted for its traditional engraving techniques and its Italian Renaissance-inspired designs.
The generating power of nature is the inspiration for a collection of Buccellati silver pieces in the form of fruits, leaves and flowers, all shaped and formed to reflect the expertise of the Italian silversmiths.


Width 290 mm / 11 12"
Depth 210 mm / 8 12"
Weight 482 g (15.50 troy ozs)