Pair of Georgian style silver mustard pots

Pair of Georgian style silver mustard pots

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Pair of good quality antique silver drum mustard pots in the Georgian style, with plain round bodies and heavy gadroon borders. The pots come with their original spoons and have blue glass liners.

Mustard has been a popular condiment since medieval times and grand houses would appoint their very own mustarder, whose solely responsibility was to make sure the household mustard was always topped up. In those days mustard was used in dry powder form.

With growing popularity in the 18th century, mustard was produced in wet form and the desire for a specific container to serve it at the table. This spawned a variety of styles and designs, some of them in novelty forms.


Height 70 mm / 3"
Diameter 70 mm / 3"
Weight 319 g (10.26 troy ozs)