Jarra limited edition silver water carafe

Jarra limited edition silver water carafe

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An Italian sterling silver water jug designed by Eleonore Peduzzi-Riva for De Vecchi of Milan.

The form of De Vecchi's Jarra water carafe changes shape according to lighting and its surroundsings. A lateral depression creates the handle and merges into the body of the silver jug, and its shape loses definition through the interplay of solids and voids.

De Vecchi's philosophy is that water has a strong relationship with silver and that even the simplest of gestures such as the act of pouring and offering water

Eleonore Peduzzi-Riva, lighting and furniture designer since the 1960s, designed this stunning silver Jarra water or wine carafe for the Italian silversmith. The jug appears to change shape according to the user's perspective or the angle of the light. A side handle makes it easy to hold yet it seems to melt into the body of the carafe and appears to lose its shape through a play of solids and voids.

Limited production of 40 per year.


Height 245 mm / 10"
Depth 160 mm / 6 "
Weight 750 g (24.11 troy ozs)





1/10 2022