Art Deco drum-shaped silver biscuit box

Art Deco drum-shaped silver biscuit box

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Ultra stylish Art Deco style silver biscuit box of the period with a lift off cover surmounted by a detachable ivory finial. The canister style is mounted on four applied rectangular supports and the scalloped and stepped lid; all typical motifs of the Art Deco style.

Of course, the simple drum-shaped form of the box means it could be used for holding any number of things. Apart from biscuits, sweets and snacks, it would make an excellent coffee or tea caddy, or could sit perfectly on a dresser to hold cotton wool balls.

The name
Art Deco was officially coined in 1925 during the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris. It was here that the world first witnessed the symmetrical, geometric, and streamlined pieces that defined this era. Art Deco's hallmark was its innovative use of speciality materials, creating a fusion of simplicity and opulence that set it apart. The designs of this period featured clean lines, striking geometric shapes, and a sophisticated touch, often crafted from luxurious and expensive materials, elevating everyday objects and spaces into works of art.

Note: Under the rules of the UK government's Ivory Act 2018, this silver biscuit barrel qualifies for an ivory exemption certificate.  If required, the ivory parts may be replicated and replaced with an ivory substitute at no additional cost.


Height 130 mm / 5 "
Diameter 130 mm / 5 "
Weight 530 g (17.04 troy ozs)