Arts & Crafts silver bachelor teapot

Arts & Crafts silver bachelor teapot


Good quality, handmade solid silver Arts & Crafts style bachelor teapot in a quite rare Moorish style. The curved handle is riveted onto the body and has insulators fitted to stop it getting too hot, while the panelled spout is of cast construction and faceted. The pull-off cover is surmounted by an ebonised wood finial and the teapot's capacity is just more than one cup. Tea for one!

The Arts & Crafts movement emerged from a disenchantment with the impersonal, mechanised direction of society in the 19th century, and sought to return to a simpler, more fulfilling way of living. The movement was admired for its use of high quality materials and for its emphasis on utility in design.

A silver teapot pours like no other. Sterling silver is the perfect material for fashioning teapots:

· No other material can be fashioned into such elegant and detailed forms, reflect light as beautifully, and a perfectly formed silver teapot spout will never drip.

· Second only to diamonds, silver has the highest thermal conductivity of any material, meaning that tea leaves can be brewed at a higher temperature than in any other teapot, allowing the tea leaves to fully release their flavours.

· That same high thermal conductivity means a silver teapot will retain heat and keep tea hot for much longer.

· Unlike porcelain and ceramic teapots, silver is sturdy and long-lasting, does not shatter and the occasional dent can be debruised.

Estimated weight given excludes the wooden handle and finial.


Height 90 mm / 3 "
Width 210 mm / 8 12"
Depth 135 mm / 5 "
Weight 341 g (10.96 troy ozs)