King Charles III silver wine coaster

King Charles III silver wine coaster

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Taken from a late 18th century pattern, this heavy gauge solid silver wine coaster features a silver button featuring the profile of His Majesty King Charles III and the silver body carries the 2023 coronation commemorative sterling silver hallmark. With a traditional rope pattern border and a highly polished wood base, this coaster can hold a bottle, magnum or most decanters.

Silver wine coasters, or wine sliders as they were initially called, originated in mid-18th-century England, as upper-class wine drinkers sought a way to slide their wine bottles or decanters across the table.

By the late 1800s, the term bottle or wine coaster came into parlance to describe a low, round tray, often with wheels, used to hold a wine bottle to wheel or coast the bottle to the diners around the table at dinner parties. The name derived from a coaster ship that traded from port to port along the coast.


Height 420 mm / 16 "
Diameter 130 mm / 5 "