Mid-century Swedish decanter & stopper by Orrefors

Mid-century Swedish decanter & stopper by Orrefors


Heavy hand-blown Orrefors glass decanter featuring a silver collar and fitted with a heavy glass stopper. The quality of the glass and the shape are typical of Scandinavian design, combining elegance with simplicity. This supremely heavy decanter is perfect for holding spirits but could also be suitable for wine.

Orrefors has been established in Swedish design tradition since 1898, characterised by timeless aesthetics, functionality, craftmanship and sustainable quality. Initially, Orrefors was making glass preserving jars in Sweden but the company soon recognised social changes where more colourful and beautiful glass pieces for everyday use were being sought. Orrefors invited well-known and skilled artists to design more decorative pieces for an audience interested in Scandinavian design, employing colour and engraving, and at the 1925 World Fair in Paris, many observed "there is nothing like it" in reference to Orrefors' glassware.


Height 245 mm / 10"
Width 95 mm / 4"
Depth 95 mm / 4"