Arts & Crafts silver mether or friendship cup

Arts & Crafts silver mether or friendship cup


This beautiful Arts & Crafts silver mether bowl has a hammered body, raised on lug feet. It is an impeccable example of Arts & Crafts design of the period.

The Arts & Crafts movement emerged from a disenchantment with the impersonal, mechanised direction of society in the 19th century, and sought to return to a simpler, more fulfilling way of living. The movement was admired for its use of high quality materials and for its emphasis on utility in design.

George Lawrence Connell's wife, Christine, was an accomplished silversmith at the start of the 20th century this could be attributed to her. She made her own designs in relatively small numbers, retailing them through the family business in Clerkenwell, London under the G L Connell hallmark.


Height 155 mm / 6 "
Width 320 mm / 12 "
Diameter 255 mm / 10 "
Weight 1610 g (51.76 troy ozs)