Boxed silver-plated picnic tea set

Boxed silver-plated picnic tea set

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This rare silver-plated travelling tea set was designed by Dr Christopher Dresser and bears all the design qualities for which he was known. The clean lines and practical features are hallmarks of his work.

Nestled within the teapot are the cream jug and sugar bowl, and the kettle holds the spirit burner and tea caddy. Both teapot and kettle have their original wicker handles. Also included are a milk bottle and stand for the kettle to allow the burner to be used below. The set has its original tea cups and saucers, two of each, as well as a pair of teaspoons and a pair of sugar tongs.

The carry-case with handle retains its original removable canvas cover.

Each piece is engraved with a monogram ACH

The set was retailed by Leuchars & Son of London.

It is very rare to find a silver-plated tea set such as this with all the original components.


Height 190 mm / 7 "
Width 285 mm / 11 12"
Depth 150 mm / 6"