George III Old Sheffield Plate soup tureen

George III Old Sheffield Plate soup tureen

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An Old Sheffield Plate soup tureen and cover in fine and original condition. Engraved both with crests and coats of arms, this Regency soup tureen exhibits one of the classic construction methods of Old Sheffield Plate - that is applied silver wire edges around the covers.

The liner would have been put into the oven, then the soup poured into the hot liner before placing it inside the tureen for serving.

Old Sheffield Plate
For as long as there has been a demand for silver, there has been a demand for a more affordable substitute. Old Sheffield Plate (OSP) is the name given to silver plate made from a fusion process in the late 18th and early 19th century, where equal parts of copper and sterling silver were fused together, rolled out into a sheet and used to create pieces using the same techniques that were used with sterling silver. The name Old Sheffield Plate can only properly be attributed to this particular kind of silver plate, the vast majority of which was made in Sheffield, hence the name.

Since Old Sheffield Plate (OSP) was made as a substitute for sterling silver, the shapes and styles were almost identical to the sterling pieces of the same period. Unlike electroplating, the silver on OSP is sterling and it should have a distinctive, slightly bluish patina and in contrast to sterling silver OSP was not usually marked, although occasionally a maker's mark may be found.


Height 240 mm / 9 12"
Width 390 mm / 15 12"
Depth 290 mm / 11 12"