Victorian silver-plated spoon warmer

Victorian silver-plated spoon warmer


Antique Victorian silver-plated spoon warmer in the form of a nautilus shell, mounted on a rocky effect base and with a decorative handle in the form of a scallop shell. The body is prettily decorated with hand-engraved ferns and maidenhair leaf decoration. Aside from its practical use, this spoon warmer is a decorative piece in its own right.

At a time when the kitchens were generally set far from dining rooms, it was important that food be kept warm while being brought to the rarely heated dining rooms. A large variety of dishes had hot water compartments for the purpose and spoon warmers also made their entrance. Filled with hot water in the kitchen, they were brought to the table with the serving spoons inside, keeping them warm and preventing the food from getting cold.


Height 140 mm / 5 "
Width 160 mm / 6 "